Thursday, September 29, 2011

Florence + the Adriatic Sea

Whenever I'm sick and feeling sorry for my self I curl up on the couch and watch "While You Were Sleeping" (Lame, I know).
 I never knew why Sandra Bullocks character was so obsessed with going to Florence...until I got there.
It was beyond beautiful.

The Duomo is such a striking building; in a city that looks like it is bathed in yellow light, it looks like someone placed a black and grey watercolor painting in the middle of it all.
I will never forget the way I felt when I first saw it.

Here we are at the Ponte Vecchio.
I wore this top A LOT because it was so hot.

Our formal night on the cruise.
Dress- Ross
Shrug- Macys
I know this looks like a cheesy formal photo background, but it is a real sunset I swear! It was incredible.

Dubrovnik, Croatia.
I have decided that if things don't work out with the coffee house, I'm going to run away to Croatia.
It has beautiful turquoise water, lush green islands and such pretty pretty boys :) Oh and even in the heat the humidity didn't mess with my bangs! Woo hoo!

Top- Forever 21+
Tank- Gap
Belt- Macys
Bag- Urban Outfitters

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I aint no Audrey Hepburn...

Me and Shane at the Colosseum.
 Rome is somewhere that I'd most definitely like to visit again. Hopefully next time the weather will be a little cooler. Seriously, running around Rome in 100 degree weather trying to take cute pictures that will end up on our dining room walls forever was difficult.  Having seen "Roman Holiday" a handful of times I had ideas of wandering around Rome in a cute dress and lace up sandals. Unfortunately my feet were blistered and sore from walking so much and I had chub rub AND heat rash. 
Oh well, It was gorgeous, glorious and grand, and I loved it!

At the Trevi Fountain.
Hat- Bil Hallman
Top- Forever 21+
Necklace- Etsy
Shorts- Ross (It was fun washing them on the ship in the shower!)
Sneakers- Nike
Bag- Urban Outfitters

Vatican City, chilling with the Pope :)
P.s. The coffee in Rome was unbelievably tasty. It was reason enough to go back.

Next time Florence and Croatia!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I love it when we're cruising together.

Hey y'all I missed you guys!
My vacation was amazing, I'm still buzzing off the experience and the 4 cups of coffee I've had this morning.
I have to be honest with you, I was all excited about coming back and blogging my super cute outfits from my trip, but my entire vacation was sooooo hot that I basically tried to get away with wearing as little clothes as possible without getting arrested. Oh well. It did make for absolutely beautiful holiday snaps.
Well, here is my 1st and 2nd stop on my cruise. Monaco and Marseille, France.

Amazing View.

On me- Top- Macys
Shorts- Ross
Shoes- Steve Madden
Bag- Urban Outfitters
Glasses- Forever 21
On Shane- Top- Calvin Klein
Jeans- Calvin Klein
Shoes- Penguin
Hat- Ross

That's the James Bond Casino!

My favorite shot of Monaco, taken with the Holga setting on my phone. 

Hat- Bil Hallman
Top- Forever 21
Shorts- Ross
Shoes- Steve Madden
Bag- Urban Outfitters
Watch- Michael Kors

My album cover...hee hee.

Such good graffiti everywhere in Marseille

Hope you guys are happy to have me back too! There will be more outfits and holiday snaps tomorrow.
Lynne xoxox

Friday, September 2, 2011

Just a quick note to tell you that I'm going to Europe in a few hours for 3 weeks! I don't think I'll be able to post anything,  but don't worry I will bombard you with photos when I return!
See y'all soon!
Lynne xoxo