Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A really awesome colored dirty shirt.

I feel like I'm committing some sort of blogger crime by posting a picture of myself in a dirty shirt, but you know what Internet, I own a coffee shop. So most of my life I spend wearing either coffee, bleach or dirty dish water. This shirt has all 3 of those things on it, but I had no one to take my photo this morning when I looked impeccably fresh and amazing (Ha!) so here is me haggard after a looooong day at work.

Top- Forever 21+
Jeans- Nine West
Boots- Steve Madden
Necklace- Givenchy
Nails- OPI my chihuahua bites gel color

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Friday, February 8, 2013

90's kid

I was born in 1984.
When I remember my adolescence I think of floral dresses that buttoned up the front, canvas shoes with chunky souls, neon, Clarissa on Nickelodeon and thinking that Angela Chase was the coolest girl in the world.
As an adult I realization there are more 90's experiences that I missed out on. I didn't really hear Hip Hop until late high school for goodness sake.
I think this outfit is a reflection of the 90's I missed out on. The "fly girl", Tupac and Biggie listening, hammer pants wearing youth I didn't live because I was on another planet.

Top- Karen Kane
Pants- Simply Be
Sneakers- Steve Madden