Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring feeling.

On Thursday night the ladies decided to get together and have a girlie night with wine and cupcakes!
I thought I'd dress sugary sweet for the occasion.
There's just something so wonderful about a floral dress.

Dress- New Look
Cardigan- Macys
Shoes- New Look
Lip gloss- MAC's Viva Glam Gaga (every penny goes to the MAC aids fund, go buy one today!)

Top me off.

Have I told you how much my denim jacket makes me smile?
Well, it does, it's from Parisian; and cost me around $30.
It is the perfect thing to go over anything. I just have one rule for myself, and that's I don't wear my blue denim jacket with my blue jeans.Only really cool hipster girls can get away with that and I'm fine not being one of them.

It works over a fancy dress for a fancy party

or over a casual dress for a festival.
Or anything in between. I've had one in my closet for 17 years!

This is me (and my friend Nichola) 10 years ago! Ha ha!
Ours will be a love that lasts a lifetime!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In the shade.

My Missoni aviators are timeless. I will wear them until they fall apart. They've had a few accidents in their time; most noticeably the time I ran over them with my car! Oops.

Aviators are not for everyone, but I think they suit my face. I bought a pair in H&M when I was 15 and ever since they're my go to style.

I do have a few other pairs, but I keep going back to my Missonis. It was hard at first to spend a bit more money on shades, but they have never had a screw come loose, their legs have never bent and I've had them for 3 years. The lenses are scratched a little, but I'm sure I can take them somewhere to get them fixed.

These were my 2nd favorite pair, but they fell apart in my purse after 3 wears :(

I also really like the look of...
Christinas round frames
Heart shaped frames a la Katy and Kelly

and totally retro cat eyes (Not sure who this chick is but I LOVE everything about these).

Tell me about your favorite pair of sunnies?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fashion Police!

Me and my friend/business partner Krystle went to an art show on Saturday called Streetela. There were a bunch of cool artists to check out.
We had a lot of fun..and couldn't resist having fun with this wall.

Dress- ASDA (UK brand)
Shrug -New Look
Watch- Michael Kors
Bag- Lucky Brand
Earrings- Anthropologie

gig gear

On Friday night me and David decided to cheer ourselves up by boogying the night away at the Scizzor Sisters concert. It's humid and pretending to be summer in A town, so I chose my outfit with great care. My trusty boots, so I'd be comfortable, a top knot because I know I'd get sweaty, and my floral dress from New Look.

Hee hee, I need some sun on my legs!
Cardigan- Gap
Dress-New Look
Boots- Steve Madden
Earrings- gift from Grandma

I feel like my springy dress is a little shorter then I would like, but I felt good! And I didn't pass out from heat exhaustion, so I think it was a good choice :)

Of course I didn't look as cool as Ana Matronic...but who could?

I love her hat! It's a red glitter paper aeroplane :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Beautiful Muse

I lurve Elsie Flannigan. It's kind of one of those high school things where she's the cool senior and I'm a dorky freshman and I want to be just like her when I grow up.

I love that her blog "A Beautiful Mess" is updated so often, when it satisfies my cravings for creativity; wether she's blogging about business, family, decorating or fashion I love that she is honest and brave and insightful.

This is a picture of one of her outfit posts...

so when I saw this on line at Forever 21's Plus section I squealed with delight and bought it instantly!

I just hope I look as cute in it.
Any ideas how you'd style it?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring wish list!

Every Spring my heart beats a little faster, not because I'm excited, but because I'm nervous. My allergies drive me crazy and the weather can't make up it's mind; one minute it's cool and drizzling, the next minute I'm accidently sunburned :( You have to be a smart dresser in Spring.
There are great things about spring too; you can accessorize with the flowers that have come out to play, gelato, all the spring festivals and sandals.
Here's a wish list for spring...
I am currently rotating Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Rolling Stones and Joan Jett t-shirts. I wear them like plain t-shirts because Ilike the clashing patterns and hobo chic element to dressing without spending too much time being precious about matching.
I love wedge heels this time of year because I can still run for the bus, but they look almost dainty with white shirts and lady like skirts. (ooh, I want more maxi skirts!)
Black and white stripes are a favorite of mine, diagonal works best for my lovely lady lumps. I think black shoes are BORING though, so I always wear a colored shoe...even if the color is brown, or grey.