Friday, February 21, 2014

Peach lace

Sometimes you are blessed by the fashion gods and you find something that is so perfectly "you" that it sits in your closet because you're terrified to wear it incase you ruin it. 
This top was on a velvet hanger for way too long, I finally gave it life today! 

*sigh* it's just perfect. 

Hair clip- Anthropologie

Java Jive


Me and my good friend Betsy have been having breakfast dates once every couple  of weeks to chat, laugh, sometimes cry and discover all the delicious brunch offerings Atlanta has to offer.
This week we hit up Java Jive a sweet 50's diner that has been on Ponce de Leon for two thirds of my life.
We'll definitely be back!
Top-Monsoon uk
Belt-forever 21+
Bag-Marc Jacobs

Betsy's shoes are the moccasins; so cute!
My boots are $20 Target finds that I will wear until they fall off me. 

The interior of Java Jive is so adorable. There are around 12 sets of vintage dinettes to sit at. I'm glad Betsy got there first and decided for us. 

The food was definitely cooked with love, the coffee was scrumptious and the staff were super cool and laid back, but still attentive. 
#betsyandlynnedates are the best!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


"40's Pink" mattene lipstick by Mac

I'm doing a challenge on Instagram where I have to wear a different lipstick every day for 30 days. 
Wanna see? My Instagram name is lynnetanzer
Wanna do it too? Leave me your hashtag! 

"Nymphette" by Mac lipglass.