Saturday, May 21, 2011

A night on the town.

This evening me and my hubby went down town to check out an art exhibition featuring the Papertwins. We had a great time, and seen as though it was an art show and I knew everyone there would be a little edgier with their dress I decided to be brave and try a look I've admired on others for a while but have been too scared to wear myself. 

The jumpsuit.

Shoes- Torrid (a million years ago)
Feather bracelet- A boutique in Nashville
Gold bracelets- Macys
Mosaic bracelet- Dorothy Perkins ( a million and one years ago)
Earrings- Fossil

I got mine from for super super cheap during their end of year clearance. It was less than $20, which is pretty much the most I'll spend on something I want to "try" or is super "fashionable" and will be dated in 3 weeks tops :)

I have to say I was super comfortable all night, peeing was not a pain in the booty and I was complimented by those I knew and some strangers. The fabric is so soft that it felt as if I was wearing pajamas. 
I think it may just be my summer cocktail-night staple.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Who wears short shorts? Not I!

I know, I know, larger ladies hate shorts, but I live in Atlanta, it is hot as the devils armpit down here.
I admit that I prefer dresses in the heat, but sometimes, if you're going to be walking around then the chub rub is too much for a gal to handle. This is when city shorts come into play. I suggest a pair with some Lycra or spandex in them for extra comfort.
I got these gems from Ross for $5 years ago, I wear them sparingly because I'm terrified they'll fall apart, when I find another pair I love I'll buy them in multiples.

Top- Target
Shorts- Ross
Shoes- Primark (UK)
Earrings- Francescas
Belt- Macys

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pink moment

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jean pool

I heart my JEANS!
Every one has them, they're a pain in the arse to buy, but totally worth it when you find the right ones.
Most of my Jeans are from the Gap. I wear a size 20, so I have to order them on line, but I have been lucky enough to find a couple of pairs at the outlet mall. These are my "vintage wash flare" light blue pair. I also have them in a dark wash.
I paired my favorite jeans with this super girlie painterly top. My favorite thing about this top is the elastic black criss cross straps, I think they're a really cool detail. Good job Macys!

 Top- Macy's
Jeans- The Gap
Shoes- Payless
Earrings- Francesca's
Watch- Michael Kors
Lip gloss- MAC slimshine
Blush- MAC Peachy keen

Jeez, what a beautiful day!

I got these earrings this week, they're so pretty, They are a blush color, but look like they're glowing when you hold them up to the light. I am planning outfits around them from now on!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A new me.

Last week I chopped off my hair and dyed it dark brown. It was completely spur of the moment, but I feel good. My hubby told me that I look more sophisticated, which I thought was sweet. I know that I'll go red again, but I feel like every one and their mama has red hair right now, and I needed a change.

I went music shopping with my friend Laura yesterday. I like to go to 2nd hand music stores every now and again when I panic about them going out of business. They're a dying breed and it makes me sad. I LOVE spending an afternoon visiting record shops, being reminded of albums from my past, it's like they're friends that I haven't seen for a while, and over coffee and conversation I remember why I liked them in the first place.

Dress- TJ Maxx
Shoes- Kohls
Earrings- Dorothy Perkins
Hat- Squash Blossom