Monday, November 28, 2011

November Rain

It was my husbands 30th yesterday! So we went and hung out with friends, ate greasy bar food, drank PBR and generally had a grand old time.

 I feel like a Forever 21+ sponsor, I can not get enough of their clothes! They're so affordable and always fit! It's a dream come true :)

Blouse- Forever 21+
Skirt- Forever 21+
Shoes- Junkmans Daughter (Little 5 Atlanta Boutique)
Sparkly Necklace- J.Crew
Long Necklace- Forever 21

Benefit "Babe Cake" eyeliner
M.A.C "Prrr" Lipglass
Sally Hansen "RedCarpet" Nail Varnish

It's finally getting a little chilly so next time I may be wearing tights....SO excited!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Today I ran errands that included balancing 4 lattes on my hip and purchasing pink plectrums. My outfit felt a little blah, so I added this belt that I'm in love with and found at the Lucky Exchange and swapped out my cowboy boots for my leopard print wedges. Sometimes it's the little things that make a girl smile!

Cardigan- Ross
Jeans- Old Navy (again....I have to stop wearing jeans so often)
Belt- MIchael Kors (Found at Lucky Exchange- an Atlanta thriftique)
Shoes- Marmi
Giant hammered gold earrings- Lucky Exchange

I dig the retro vibe of this belt. It was a good find!

 I'm getting used to my ginger hair. My mom hates it, but I think it makes my clothes really pop!

I love these so much. They're a wide fitting, have a wedge heel, and I could dance all night in them if I wanted to.

Casual Friday.

Last night I was summoned to the bar because a friend needed to discuss her boy woes over a cold one. 
I got ready in 10 minutes. I may have wanted to go in my pj's but I think for the time constraints I did pretty well.
I get confused when people tell me that they don't have time to get dressed, after all, doesn't it take the same amount of time to put on jeans as it does sweat pants and pretty flats as it does sneakers?
Granted this is not the best I have looked, but it's better than sweats and a hoodie!

 Top-Ross (It's soooooo comfortable)
Jeans- Old Navy
Flats- Goodwill (originally Target)
Necklace- Forever 21
Watch- Michael Kors

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Strawbaby Blonde.

Every now and again I have the urge to change my hair, but it's never I'll cut off an inch, or dye it one shade darker, I always want the extreme.
So, yesterday my friend and business partner Krystle helped me dye my brown mop strawberry blonde!
My husband was shocked to say the least, and I keep on doing a double take when I see my reflection. But overall I really dig the results! I kinda feel like a comic book hero.

The hardest part about deciding to change your hair color drastically on a whim is that your make up has to change.

When I was a brunette I loved pink or red lips, bronzy cheeks and a dark arched brow, but with my new hair color those choices wouldn't be the most flattering. To update my make up I actually used a lip liner to fill in my eyebrows (oh yeah, Amber Ember by M.A.C) and a more natural color palette overall.
The good news about my new hair is that my eyes look super green, so my go to eye shadow will definitely be "Sumptuous Olive" by M.A.C . I used it as an eyeliner yesterday.

I also wore M.A.C pro longwear eyeshadow in "Carefree",

MAC Pro Longwear Eye Shadow Carefree MAC Styledriven Collection for Fall 2011 Swatches, Photos & Review

and Matte squared eyeshadow in "Tete-A-Tint" in the crease

I wore M.A.C "Peachy Keen" blush
and "Prrrr" lipglass (also M.A.C)
If you're a redhead, tell me your favorite make up please :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm wearing cowboy boots forever.

I love the time of year when I can wear tights and a coat. Last night me and some friends sat outside on the porch and lit a fire. It was heaven. 
Me and Mark at the Krog street tunnel
These past couple of weeks have been so much fun. I enjoy having friends visit from England because I get to show off my city. This weekend was Atlanta's annual Chomp and Stomp festival where there was a chili cook off, tons of local art and some Bluegrass for your listening pleasure. I had a grand old time!

Coat- Old Navy  

 After the festivities were over we went out to dinner at Alpha Soda, a cool restaurant in Alpharetta that was designed like a railroad car in 1928.

Top- Old Navy
Tights- Hue
Boots- Ross
Necklace- Urban Outfitters
Lipstick- M.A.C "Red She Said" (discontinued)

Is everyone else loving the fall as much as I am?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

C'est La Vie

C'est La Vie means "That's life" in French.
I wore this shirt today to remind myself not to sweat the small stuff.

T-shirt- New Look
Jeans- The Gap
Boots- TJMaxx
New bangs- cut by Krystle

Marvin was not cooperating!
Oh I love this fall weather!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Southern Uncomfortable

Halloween is so fun, I love an excuse to wear a sparkly fedora, have gunfights in bars and wear an inappropriate length skirt!

Jacket- Macys
 Skirt- Gap
Lace shirt- Forever 21
Pocket watch- Gift from my sister
Fedora- Halloween store
Tights- ASOS (ones with seams down the back)

Mike, the karaoke DJ scared the shit out of me with this wolf mask. It even moved when he talked. Creeeepy!

My friend Mark was visiting from England. We did an excellent rendition of Warren G and Nate Dog's "Regulate". 
We also have to make sure that there's a photo of us throwing up the "A-Town" sign before we go to bed. 
Anyone wanna marry this guy real quick so we can hang out all the time. There are so many more 90's rap choons we need to do at SoCo.

Hope y'all had a happy Halloween!