Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Confessions of a Make Up Artist.

I have worked on and off as a make up artist for 5 years and in that time I have accumulated more make up than I could possibly use in a lifetime. The funny thing is that I have given away at least 50% of the products I've gotten as gratis to friends, so this is just the stuff I decided I couldn't live without. Scary. Maybe I should have entitled this post as Confessions of a Make Up HOARDER!
Here's a quick little tour of my guest bathroom, aka, "the make up room".

I love having pretty art in my bathroom where I do my make up. I got the 4 girls from The Red Velvet Shop, they're original drawings by Elsie Larson. They make me happy because all the girls have different hair styles and accessories, so it inspires me to try something a little different.
The doodles by JenyfferMaria were done specifically for me which makes them super special. The girl with the umbrella is illustrating my favorite song by my favorite band (Save Me by Hanson in case you were wondering).

I love walls full of Polaroid photographs, so I wanted to do a little homage to that with my Fuji instax photos. There are some from mine and my husbands European travels (Amsterdam, Paris and England) and fun family snaps, my favorite one up there is my husband sleeping with our cat Marvin (4th from the left on the bottom row).
I painted everything in seafoam green, then in white and sanded through the two layers so you could see bits of the original wood and some of the green. It was a fun project to do.
 I got all the shelves and the drawers from Goodwill and Vintage shops.

In the drawer on the left I keep my palettes of blush, my Stila getaway palettes, bronzers, mirror and a few extras. The drawer on the right is all eye products. Urban Decays primer potion will be my favorite forever, I have MAC shadows in quads to keep colors that go together together. I love Benefits "Big Beautiful Eyes" Palette, it's my "go to" when I travel.

I have tons of make up brushes because I feel like you can use pretty much anything as long as you have the right tools to apply things with. MAC brushes are worth the investment. I also adore Smashbox brushes, they feel so soft and will last a lifetime. Just remember to wash them every couple of weeks or so. I use MAC's "brush clean", but baby shampoo works wonders  too.

1- Nude/light lipsticks 2- Pink and peach lipsticks 3- Red/dark lipsticks
4- Lip gloss 5- Matte Eye shadows 6- Lip pencils
7- Concealer/foundation/cream cover ups 8- Powders 9- Eye pencils

I worked for Benefit for a year and a half, it was the easiest job in the world because it meant that I got to gush about how much I love their products all day long.
I will use Erase Paste, High Beam, Dandelion and High Brow until I die!

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my bathroom.


  1. I love your guest bathroom! And is that the set of drawers that we got from Scarletts? Its come out really well if so - well done!

  2. They are! The bottom right knob is broken, but for the bargainous deal I got for it I'm not mad!
    Thanks xoxo