Friday, August 24, 2012

Unmellow Yellow

I've been off work for a week now because it was getting to be too much for me and my bump.

My doctor also said that she'd be shocked if I made it to 39 weeks without going into labor. Alas, I'm still knocked up, still as big as a house, still hot and bothered and ready to meet my baby boy. 
I'm trying to relax and enjoy this time to myself before I have a teeny noise machine attached to me at all times, but I'm so impatient. And I want to spend as much time with my little guy before I go back to work. 
Here's what I wore to Ikea, Target, the Dollar Store, and to make chicken, macaroni and cheese and garlic mashed potatoes for dinner (Oh what an exciting life I lead!)

Top- Ella Moss at Anthropologie
Shorts- Destination Maternity
Flip Flops- Target
Necklace- Made by me 

I'm making the most of my hair as pregnancy has done wonders to it! Hopefully it is a distraction from my disappearing ankles which have not favored so well through this adventure.

I made this necklace last night using 3 different necklaces that didn't really excite me anymore. I painted a couple beads with yellow nail polish, one with grey and left the rest natural wood. I strung them onto a dark metal chain. I really like the color combination of yellow and grey and brown. Who would have thunk it?

Fingers crossed next time I post there will be a baby in my arms! 
-Lynne x

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

P.S. I made this...

I went to one of my favorite local stores "The Beehive" for it's bi-annual warehouse sale this weekend. It was my first time going, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but my oh my! I found 2 shopping bags worth of wonderful to take home with me...I also took home a cold, but I don't know exactly who to blame for that seen as though the entire city of Atlanta was in the store that morning!(Good for them!)

Anyway, here's a photo of my loot stacks!

Notepads and greetings cards from Jane Hancock papers. Earrings from iram-inal designs, and bargain bead bags.
The softest, snuggliest fabric ever, and a really beautiful sturdy print. I'm going to sew these babies together and make a yummy blanket.
I mentioned that I heart Kendi last time, right? Well, I really loved this necklace I saw her wearing in a blogpost, so when I saw these beads

I thought maybe I could make my own version. 
I used some crochet yarn in a pretty yellow, and a bead and a loop for a fastening because I didn't want to go shopping for a "real" clasp. I think it turned out pretty snazzy.
Best part? The whole thing cost me about $4! (Kendis cost $100)

Shirt- Old Navy

What have you made lately?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Channeling Kendi

It seems almost comical that during my pregnancy my style icon has been the svelte Kendi Skeen of "KendiEveryday" and not someone, well, rounder.
I thought I'd be one of those ladies channeling Stevie Knicks; wearing caftans, chiffon and boho skirts; but this has not been the case for the past 9 months.
I think I've been so drawn to Kendi because I like the simplicity of her style. She chooses well fitting garments and adds thoughtful accessories to her ensembles to create outfits that are edited perfectly.

Examples you say? Here you go:

Simple blouse, simple hair, clean make up and unconventional trousers. Balanced with chunky jewellery so no piece is the "star". The color palette is blue, white and green accented with a delicate warm gold.
A  red lip would make it look like she tried too hard, a colored bag would throw off the balance, take away the necklace and it would look like expensive pajamas. The girl got it right.

Tough leather jacket with sweet pretty dress, unfussy accessories in the same hues and a perfect blow out. This outfit is perfection, it makes me itch for Autumn.
Her oversize necklace could take away from the leopard print skirt, but because it's such a delicate color and is echoed in the skirt they do not compete for attention. This picture taught me how to wear the huge intimidating necklaces that I have seen in magazines and been afraid that I couldn't wear them myself.

Here are a few pictures of me biting Kendis style from the past week

I found this JCrew inspired necklace at "Rag-O-Rama" It's chartreuse and slime green and I love it. I paired it with my "put a bird on it" top from Forever 21 for balance.

Jeans- Destination Maternity
Top- Forever 21+
Necklace- Rag-O-Rama
Shoes- Ebay (Of course if I was wearing a 100% Kendi outfit these would be pretty green heels)

Thanks for the inspiration Kendi!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


One of the things I like most about being pregnant is not caring about how my middle looks.
 My round belly is the recipient of rubs and kisses from loved ones and kind smiles and nods from strangers. 
It's the first time in my life that I've been really proud to show off my body.
 I mean, sure I'm hot and bothered, my back hurts and the doctor told me that Baby T is probably going to get here earlier than we thought, but I am something of a walking miracle. 
I grew a baby boy y'all! What is not to love about that?
In honor of this I am embracing horizontal stripes, maxi dresses, skin tight skirts and BRIGHT colors! 
At least until the babe arrives, after that? 
I imagine my style is going to change all over again....We shall see.
Dress from 5-7-9

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A little lip.

Sometimes when it's steamy outside and you're 36 weeks pregnant, the only hope of looking somewhat decent is slapping on a coat of red lipstick and hoping for the best.
I decided to try a new hairstyle too because I can't be bothered to cut my bangs.

Tank- Ross
Long black maxi skirt (that you can't see)- Target
Bow belt- ASOS
Necklace- House of Harlow 
Lipstick- MAC "Lady Bug"


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shower Me

On Sunday 5th August I was showered with love and gifts at Hodgepodge by my friends excited to meet "Baby T".

Amanda made this cake! Unreal!

My friend Amanda arranged the whole thing and it was so very special.

Me and Amanda with pirate themed booty for baby T

 My dress- Ross
Cardigan- Jigsaw London

Mona, Tara, Lynne and Laura
We didn't play any games, which I was really happy about, instead everyone (except me) drank wine and we ate a whole bunch of delicious treats including Lemon Meringue and Key Lime pies!  


It was so nice to see everyone, especially because I've been working so hard that I've had no real time to enjoy being pregnant. 

Me and Sahara

Me and Anna

Me and Betsy

Me and Leah
It was nice for my baby bump to get a few rubs and talk about all of the dreams and wishes we have for a little boy who hasn't taken his first look at the world yet.

2 1/2 Americans and 2 1/2 Brits! I could not love this photo more.

I had a blast!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Soft: adjective, cushiony, squishy

Shirt- Macys
Skirt- Target
Booties- DSW
Necklace- The Gap

Everything about this outfit is comfortable. The shirt is as soft as any snuggy, the skirt is a delicate jersey that floats around me, and these boots are like walking on clouds made of marshmallows wrapped in cotton candy.
 This outfit is Goober approved (That's my cat).

Thursday, August 2, 2012

35 wEEKs!

So, Atlanta is having a record breaking hot summer, wouldn't you know it?! 
My English blood is boiling underneath my skin thanks to my built in heating pad that kicks me intermittently throughout the day, and develops hiccups around 6pm each day. 
It's been a little rough getting ready recently, mainly because my feet and legs have swollen, so my shoes hurt and wearing a skirt leads to excessive chub rub, you feel me?

This is what I wore to get lunch with my buddy David yesterday as the temperature hit close to 100 degrees.   

Shirt- Macys 
Skirt- Forever 21+ bodycon skirt
Sparkly Flats- Bakers

Yup, there's definitely something other than lunch in there!

Earrings- Francescas
Nail Polish- Butter London in "Bossy Boots"- Spring 2012 Ltd Edition

I have to say, that I haven't bought much "maternity" clothing, other than some bras, a pair of shorts and a pair of jeans because I've just been wearing anything that is floaty or stretchy.  I also had a couple of maternity tops before I was pregnant because they had a little more room in the belly area, and lets face it, even though you only need maternity clothes for a few months even they are cuter than most plus size threads. Grumble grumble.
It's so strange as a fat girl to embrace a belly, we've grown up learning "tips and tricks" to disguise it, so it feels a little liberating to not suck in, or wonder if I look extra fat in something.  
I may have become one of those serene mothers to be...
...until I stand up and my feet look like this...

My feet are so very swollen  that even these flats hurt after an hour :(