Friday, December 31, 2010

First outfit post

I thought I'd start this off with my favorite outfit of the moment.

I've been looking at ASOS Curve for a while. I think they have a lovely selection, and when they have a sale, they really have a sale!
Here's what it looked like on line; 

I got this dress because I thought it looked like something Angela Chase would wear from My So Called Life.

Tights- ASDA
I know you can't really see them, they look like this--->
Necklace- Etsy

Make up.
Foundation- Maybelline dream matte mousse
Concealer- Benefit Erase Paste in #1
Eyeshadow Primer- Urban decay primer potion (SO AMAZING!)
Eyebrows- Benefit Brow-zings in #2
Eye shadow-MAC Vanilla
Eye liner-Smashbox Jet set waterproof eyeliner
Blush- Benefit Dandelion
Highlighter- Benefit High Beam
Lipstick- Lancome Fashion Icon

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