Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring wish list!

Every Spring my heart beats a little faster, not because I'm excited, but because I'm nervous. My allergies drive me crazy and the weather can't make up it's mind; one minute it's cool and drizzling, the next minute I'm accidently sunburned :( You have to be a smart dresser in Spring.
There are great things about spring too; you can accessorize with the flowers that have come out to play, gelato, all the spring festivals and sandals.
Here's a wish list for spring...
I am currently rotating Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Rolling Stones and Joan Jett t-shirts. I wear them like plain t-shirts because Ilike the clashing patterns and hobo chic element to dressing without spending too much time being precious about matching.
I love wedge heels this time of year because I can still run for the bus, but they look almost dainty with white shirts and lady like skirts. (ooh, I want more maxi skirts!)
Black and white stripes are a favorite of mine, diagonal works best for my lovely lady lumps. I think black shoes are BORING though, so I always wear a colored shoe...even if the color is brown, or grey.

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