Monday, December 19, 2011

Star Bright!

When Forever 21 had their Black Friday sale these skirts were $6! So I bought one in pretty much every color. Red, black, blue, purple and this neon yellow. They're so comfy that all I really have been wearing is a variation of this outfit for weeks.  I'll have to make more of an effort this week to switch things up :)
(The black smudge next to my feet is my cat Murdock) 

Cardigan- Forever 21+
Tank- Old Navy
Skirt- Forever 21+
Tights- Hue
Boots- Payless

I thought this cardigan was super long when I bought it. I keep forgetting that models are half a foot taller than me usually. But I actually like how it hugs my bum. It's so snuggly.


  1. Lovely outfit. I love the star cardi and the skirt is great. I'm scared of neon but it looks wicked on you x

  2. Love this cardigan! Love the outfit!