Monday, March 21, 2011

My faux Irish eyes were smiling.

On St.Patricks day this year in Atlanta the weather was scorching, so my beautiful green parker that I wanted to wear was totally unseasonable, but that's what happens in the A-Town. 
Shirt- Old Navy
Sunglasses- Missoni
Watch-Michael Kors
Earrings- Charlotte Russe (2 pairs for $8! Bargain!)

Me and Leah went to Starbucks and had our version of Irish Carbombs!
I didn't get a whiskey that day, but we did go bowling and had a ton of fun.


  1. I'm so behind on my blog commenting so I'm just seeing this, but I am super jealous of your warm weather. I still have snow on the ground up here and am slowly losing my sanity.

    I did have green beer on St. Patrick's Day, but I forgot to wear green. *oops*.