Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Real Clothes" again.

I have been spending all my time getting to know my sweet Teddy, so I've only left the house a couple of times since his birth on the 2nd. Twice to get a cup of coffee, once to go to the grocery store, and today we went to get Shanes car fixed. I know, I know, exciting, right?
Having spent so long in pajamas, I decided I'd try on some "real clothes" to go out, and luckily they fit! Hooray!
 I even had time to paint my nails while Teddy took a nap!

Shirt- Target
Belt- ASOS Curve
Up until yesterday my feet were swollen so much that I could only fit into one pair of shoes, so this morning when I saw they had gone back to normal I just had to wear these booties. I scored them in the sale at Urban months ago, but haven't had an opportunity to wear them.

Suede Boots- Urban outfitters, Long Black Skirt- Macys

When you've spent a fortnight in fuzzy slippers a nice heel will make you feel like alive again...even on only a couple hours sleep.

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