Monday, November 12, 2012

Autumn Love

Today was perfect weather. I mean PERFECT! 
The sun was bright and light poured through the spaces in between brilliant shades of ruby, amber and gold leaves. 
There was a slight crispness to the air, and the sky was a pure azure. Honestly I gasped more than once driving home at the sheer beauty of an Atlanta Autumn.
I am smitten with this moment.
And I am smitten with this outfit. I wore it to go to work today, and I was so very comfortable. This is going into heavy rotation.

 Top- Wallis (UK Brand, my mum bought it for me)
Jeans- Forever 21+
Boots- Ross
Tank- Target

Bonus outtake (Living next to a hospital has it's downfalls sometimes)


  1. You know they're not, but I just scrunch them down a little.
    I just HAD to have them :)