Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shiver Shiver Sniff Sniff

The Tanzer household has been rather sad and sniffly this past week. We've been sharing our sicknesses with each other. This means that my outfits have consisted of pjamas and slippers I'm afraid, hence the lack of updates.
I have had time to browse all of my favorite clothing websites being cooped up in this place, so here is my "Holy guacamole Batman, I hope this is really cheap in the sales after Christmas so I can buy it and love it" list.

First ASOS Curve

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Skater Dress With Lace Peter Pan and Belt 
I love the sleeve length and sweet collar on this skater dress. It has a little keyhole in the back too. Details like this make a dress feel special.

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Exclusive Shirt in Rabbit Print
This bunny print shirt is adorable. I would wear this at an art show opening.

Image 4 of ASOS CURVE Blouse With Waterfall & Wrap 
This shirt is so luxe looking. I know I'd wear it forever.

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Exclusive Jumper With Black Cat 
This just makes me happy.

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Floral Panel Leggings

This outfit needs to get on me NOW!
Maybe it's the 90's kid in me. I think she looks like a grown up Clarissa :)

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Exclusive Belted Coat with PU Sleeves 
I never thought a coat could be sexy, but this is. *sigh*

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Exclusive Dress In Scatter Sequins 
When I first saw this dress I gasped....then I gasped at the price tag :(
Please be under $75 soon! I can't justify $147.76...or can I?It's just so pretty.

Ok, next up 

This dress could work anywhere. I'm digging the watermelon color too.

I wear the heck out of my black and white tank, so one in my favorite color seems like a good idea.

This sweater would make anyone smile 

This jacket is similar to an ASOS Curve jacket I still mourn the loss of.

I love basics with a twist.
There's only 1 thing I want from Old Navy

Women's Printed Pintucked Tops | Old Navy
I am feeling all these hearts everywhere.

Simply Be 
has some pieces that I like a lot

Shoe Print Dress - Length from 38in
That's a shoe print dress! 

And Abigial Sequin Trim Top

This shirt glows. 

Jacquard Cardigan Coat - Length from 31in 
This looks oh so cozy. I want to wear it with red jeans!
I also pretty much want all of the Frock and Frills line as it's so romantic.

So, that's it for now. 
I'll be back with an outfit soon I swear.
UNless I can get away with wearing pjs to work tomorrow....  


  1. Ok...I bought the ASOS Cat sweater already, along with some other stuff. I called the Sweater my Boo Boo Kitty sweater, remember Boo Boo Kitty from Laverne and Shirley? Or maybe you are too young. Got it yesterday, it runs big! But I can't wait to wear it...had a funeral today so I will wait to break it out next casual friday at work. I did get 20% off my Asos order which made me feel a little better about it. Ok...rambling....Love the list.

  2. I don't remember Boo boo kitty, but I love black cats!
    Sorry for your loss xxxx