Thursday, December 27, 2012

The higher the hair...

My hair has changed since I've had Teddy. The ends seem dryer, the color is a little lackluster and handfuls come out in the shower.  This is all normal after having a baby. It just sucks for want of a better word as it was so very lovely when I was pregnant. Oh well.

Usually the first thing I would do when I get sick of my hair is chop as much of it off as possible, but I'm giving myself until the end of the year before I get scissor happy. 

Here are a few styles I've tried out

A little bit of a poof. (how cute is my baby in his moose suit?)

Center part and wavy texture.

Giant bow for Christmas!

Yet another go at the beehive. I really want to get this right.


 Middle part Helga Braids

What do you think guys? Shall I chop my bob back? Or just deep condition the heck out of my hair and keep it long?


  1. I found for me the chop was necessary, and then I kept it for 10 years. I have finally started growing it out again, yeah! One thing you might want to check on is your thyroid, I know losing hair is normal after pregnancy, but I had pregnancy induced hypothroidism as well, and that can make you lose your hair too.

    I love me some helga braids....wish I could figure out how to do them myself, but I am super untalented with hair stying.

    1. I'll get it checked next time I'm at the doctors. Thanks for the tip x

  2. I had to cut mine after I had my baby (who is now a stinky albeit lovey 13 year old manchild)because he would grab it in his tiny hands and YANK! My hair is thick and I have a ton of it. I did not have that "wonderful pregnancy hair" that most women experience. However, that also meant I didn't lose it by the handful after delivery. That happened when my thyroid went wacky a couple of years ago. It is worth checking out, but it's probably just the post pregnancy. I like the middle part and textured look the best.

    1. Thanks Margi! I've scheduled a Drs appt for January.
      p.s. I love that you call your boy a manchild :D