Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Southern Uncomfortable

Halloween is so fun, I love an excuse to wear a sparkly fedora, have gunfights in bars and wear an inappropriate length skirt!

Jacket- Macys
 Skirt- Gap
Lace shirt- Forever 21
Pocket watch- Gift from my sister
Fedora- Halloween store
Tights- ASOS (ones with seams down the back)

Mike, the karaoke DJ scared the shit out of me with this wolf mask. It even moved when he talked. Creeeepy!

My friend Mark was visiting from England. We did an excellent rendition of Warren G and Nate Dog's "Regulate". 
We also have to make sure that there's a photo of us throwing up the "A-Town" sign before we go to bed. 
Anyone wanna marry this guy real quick so we can hang out all the time. There are so many more 90's rap choons we need to do at SoCo.

Hope y'all had a happy Halloween!

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