Sunday, November 20, 2011

Strawbaby Blonde.

Every now and again I have the urge to change my hair, but it's never I'll cut off an inch, or dye it one shade darker, I always want the extreme.
So, yesterday my friend and business partner Krystle helped me dye my brown mop strawberry blonde!
My husband was shocked to say the least, and I keep on doing a double take when I see my reflection. But overall I really dig the results! I kinda feel like a comic book hero.

The hardest part about deciding to change your hair color drastically on a whim is that your make up has to change.

When I was a brunette I loved pink or red lips, bronzy cheeks and a dark arched brow, but with my new hair color those choices wouldn't be the most flattering. To update my make up I actually used a lip liner to fill in my eyebrows (oh yeah, Amber Ember by M.A.C) and a more natural color palette overall.
The good news about my new hair is that my eyes look super green, so my go to eye shadow will definitely be "Sumptuous Olive" by M.A.C . I used it as an eyeliner yesterday.

I also wore M.A.C pro longwear eyeshadow in "Carefree",

MAC Pro Longwear Eye Shadow Carefree MAC Styledriven Collection for Fall 2011 Swatches, Photos & Review

and Matte squared eyeshadow in "Tete-A-Tint" in the crease

I wore M.A.C "Peachy Keen" blush
and "Prrrr" lipglass (also M.A.C)
If you're a redhead, tell me your favorite make up please :)


  1. You look radiant with your new hair colour! I know what you mean about having to adjust your make up but it's a good excuse to experiment with different looks and buy new make up :)

  2. You are glowing with that color!

  3. Hey ladies, I'm always down to try a new make up look! Thanks for commenting :)