Saturday, November 26, 2011


Today I ran errands that included balancing 4 lattes on my hip and purchasing pink plectrums. My outfit felt a little blah, so I added this belt that I'm in love with and found at the Lucky Exchange and swapped out my cowboy boots for my leopard print wedges. Sometimes it's the little things that make a girl smile!

Cardigan- Ross
Jeans- Old Navy (again....I have to stop wearing jeans so often)
Belt- MIchael Kors (Found at Lucky Exchange- an Atlanta thriftique)
Shoes- Marmi
Giant hammered gold earrings- Lucky Exchange

I dig the retro vibe of this belt. It was a good find!

 I'm getting used to my ginger hair. My mom hates it, but I think it makes my clothes really pop!

I love these so much. They're a wide fitting, have a wedge heel, and I could dance all night in them if I wanted to.