Thursday, July 26, 2012

Everyday Art

I've never jumped on the nail art bandwagon before because I've never had nails before. One of the lovely benefits of taking a prenatal vitamin every day is that my nails and hair have grown long and strong, so I guess that makes up for nausea and constipation and fatigue....right? TMI? Probably. Sorry. Here's my adventures in nail painting to make up for my faux pas.

Polka dot shirt from The Gap, Necklace from Givenchy, Nail Polish from Forever 21

Sally Hansen "Concrete" and "White On" - I used a toothpick to draw on the patterns

Sally Hansen "Mint Sorbet" and Butter London's "Teddy Girl" (My favorite'll know why soon enough)

 Sally Hansen in "Concrete" (Holding my 20 week baby bump)

Sally Hansen "Mint Sorbet" the exact same color as my birthday earrings.

I love that Sally Hansens Xtreme wear nail polish is $3, it makes such a big difference to an outfit. Hopefully I will have kicked my nail biting habit for life!

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  1. Welcome to nail art! I was definitely addicted for a while... my blog used to be called Nails & Whatnot and I'd post a new manicure every 2-3 days. It was that serious, lol. I really like the Sally Hansen polishes too. The Insta-Dri ones are my absolute favorites of my entire collection and I own some high end polishes. They're that good!