Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Curls

The summer in Atlanta is pretty crazy. One minute it's 111 degrees and sunny, the next it's raining like crazy and lightning is striking my friends houses.
 Because of this I've been wearing my hair curly. Nature provided me with a hair texture  that is for want of a better word random, so I use my t3 straightening iron and twist it  because the iron gets hot on the outside of the barrel too.
 My hair is at that in-between stage where it's not quite a bob, but too short to be long yet. Sometimes I've ended up with Betty Boop hair which has been fun.

Lipstick is MAC Liberty of London Collection in "Ever Hip"

Mostly I just pin it up.
I've been looking on pinterest to see if there are some cool things I can learn how to do. I love all these braids

Pinned Image

 and topknots,


 but my hair is fine and thin, so I've been accessorizing with barrettes and hairbands

Barrette from Anthropologie
and then for days when I really can't be bothered I've just distracted people from my messy hair with red lips and Hello Kitty inspired sunnies! 

Lipstick is Lancome "Valentine",Eye  Liner is Benefit Babe Cake ( I love you and miss you) and glasses were from an independent store called "Psycho Sisters" in Little 5 Points Atlanta

Hooray summer! (Only a little sarcasm was in that)

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