Monday, October 15, 2012

Falling for you

This Falls trends are not really my thing. (Except the Polka Dots, of course)

A puffy jacket is not needed in Atlanta, nor wanted in my wardrobe.
 I think pajamas should stay in the bedroom.
 A leather t-shirt seems highly high maintenance.
 Oxblood washes me out.
And I have tried to embrace the skinny leg trouser/jean, but alas, my body does not feel flattered. I am a die hard wide leg/flared leg kind of girl, and although this means I can not buy a pair of trousers until the fashion world decides to be on my side it will not hinder my love of all things Autumn. 

Here is the inspiration I'm using to put together my Fall outfits this year.

Natalie's fashion workshop: 'Tonight's debut on the streets

Maxi skirts and graphic tees a-la Charlotte Rouge

love the polka dot socks   pandippo rocking our AMPERSAND heels!!

Polka Dots in not so obvious places

perfection blue wrap dress <3

Chiffon dresses with suede boots

Pinned ImageMeow !!!!
Pretty prints

Minnetonka Fringed Boots 
Wearing these boots as much as possible

Mandy Moore.

Sequins for daytime

I <3 Elbow Patches

Home sewn elbow patches

colors and statement necklaces

Pumpkin colors

Glittered Oxfords | FOREVER21 - 2021841155

Special flat shoes

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