Sunday, October 21, 2012

Listen to the Darkside

Last night me and my buddy Logan went to see Charlie Mars.

I was a little bummed because we were told he was going on at 8pm, and didn't go on until 10.30pm. I ended up leaving at 11.15pm because I was worried that I'd get in an accident if I let my already sleep deprived self drive home.
Those 45 minutes were stellar though.
After seeing him play by himself 3 times, it was a treat to see him with a band behind him.
 I'm sad I missed my favorite songs, but Charlie actually told me to go.
 I thought "Should I stay for one more song?" and he started playing 'No Place Like Home", hard to argue with that.

Tank-Old Navy
Skirt- Nordstrom Rack
Boots- Urban Outfitters

Lipgloss- MAC Viva Glam V
Blush- Benefit Dallas
Eyeliner- Bobbi Brown gel in Caviar Ink

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