Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Florals in the Garden

The nice thing about having visitors is doing all the touristy things in your city that you wouldn't normally do.

Such a beautiful view of my city

 Last week me, my hubby, my mam and dad and baby Teddy went to Atlanta's Botanical Gardens for an afternoon stroll. 
Me and my Mam both wore floral for the occasion ;)

My dad, me and Mam

It was so wonderful to be surrounded by the beautiful flowers in the sunshine, having the leaves fall from the super tall trees. 

My favorite part of the grounds was the Orchid house, so many bright flowers in bloom.
There was a whole two walls full of potted orchids in rainbow colors.

I almost forgot I was in the middle of Atlanta. 

Dress- Target
Cardigan- Gap
Shoes- TJMaxx
Bag- Vintage Coach
Earrings- Francescas

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