Monday, January 10, 2011

Domino Dollhouse

I was pleasantly surprised on Saturday when I received my order from Domino Dollhouse.I found Domino Dollhouse through founder Tracy Broxterman's blog ChubbleBubble.
I ordered the Comic Betty Cardigan ($34.99)
and the Alice skirt ($24.99). 
 The Alice skirt is waaaay too tight for me to wear, which I'm bummed about because it's super cute. Their return policy seems very reasonable, so I guess I'll be sending it back. I hope whoever gets it loves it as much as I would have *sigh*.
I'm not mad that it didn't fit; this is a price you have to pay for online shopping. Even when you measure yourself to make sure things fit, you never know a garment until you try it on.

On a plus side, the Betty Cardigan fits just fine! It's a warm almost fuzzy material (the tags aren't in English). I paired it with a denim skirt, black opaque tights and black boots so that it was the focus of my outfit on Saturday. I thought the colors would be a little more saturated, but I'm glad they're a little faded as it means the shirt is a little vintage looking. The pricing I thought was very reasonable, especially seen as though I'd gotten free shipping by using a coupon code.
So comfy!
You can find Domino Dollhouse on Facebook , Tumblr or their website.

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