Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm with the band!

Last night me and my husband went to see our friend Siraaj play in his band "FYN" at Vinyl in Midtown.
I was wary about the sound seen as though they're a rock band and he's a trumpet player, but I was pleasantly surprised. The trumpet added a cool groove, which made it sound like Funkadelic.
It was cool; I danced, laughed at the 2 man mosh pit and got to hang out with my hubby past bedtime. 

Forgive my blurry eyes, my eyes water when it's windy.
Jacket-Macys (it's pleather, not leather unfortunately)
Guitar T-shirt- Delias
Jeans- New Look
Shoes- Kohls (I was so excited to get these from my best friend Leah for Christmas.
Sometimes I don't want to wear heels when I go out, and these pewter shoes still feel special enough to deserve a cocktail.)
Bag-See by Chloe (perfect size for a music venue, I do wish the strap was a little longer though)

I wore "Silverstroke" eyeliner and "Mocha" blush by MAC and  Too Faced glamour gloss in "Pillow Talk". I love the way the glamour gloss tingles on your lips. The packaging is really pretty too.

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