Thursday, January 20, 2011

Royally lovely

I FINALLY got my ASOS Curve package that I'd ordered on boxing day (that's the day after Christmas for any non English folk). Only half of the things I ordered worked for me, but it was the good half, so I'm pretty happy.

The good (left to right);
1- The blue dress is blousey and a beautiful color. It's a little big around the bust, but I'm keeping it.
2- The long jersey dress feels so soft and so beautiful. I'll wear it a million times.
3- This purple dress is so pretty, and so comfortable. My only problem is that it wrinkles like no other dress that I have owned (see below)
4- The print dress is the same as the purple, except it is see through and comes with a black tank underneath. I like it a lot, it's more black and tan than black and white like the picture looks which makes me it a less obvious color combination. I always love outfits that have something a little different about them.
5- I bought the ruched sleeve shirt in a bright blue color. It makes me feel ladylike and cool at the same time with it's exposed zipper in the back.
The bad (left to right);
1- This beige skirt looked so awful on me that I laughed for longer than I care to admit (I wish I had have taken a photo). I'm only 5'5, so it came to my mid calf, and the stitching on the front made me look like I had enormous saddle bags. So wrong, from every angle.
2- The jeans fit OK; I had no muffin top and I liked the way they ruched at the bottom, but I couldn't get over how uncomfortable they were. I usually wear flared or wide leg jeans because I think they flatter my body shape; I was trying to be brave by trying "skinny jeans" but I think I'll stick to my usual styles.
3- This dress was way too big and the colors were muddy and made me look sick. I don't know who this dress was made for, but it was not me.
4- I loved this dress on line, and I loved how it looked when I took it out of the packet at home, but it needed alterations to fit me around the shoulders and bust. The sleeves shape is made with wire so I think it would have been too much of a difficult job to tailor. I'm sad about this one and thinking about exchanging it for a smaller size to see if that makes enough of a difference.
5- These leggings are lovely, they look lovely and they feel lovely, but they were too big. I may get these in a smaller size too.

I wore the purple dress to get coffee with my friend Kate.
I love the color of the dress, it's a gorgeous regal purple.
I also really like the asymmetric dip in the hem, it makes it look special and more interesting.

The necklace is from Charlotte Russe, my earrings are from Urban Outfitters (they're "L" initials), my leggings are from Old Navy and my shoes are from an independent store in Little 5 Points, Atlanta, GA called Junkman's Daughter.

I wore teal eyeliner because I love purple, gold and green together. I also wore "Dallas" blush by Benefit on my cheeks in an attempt to not look so pale :)


  1. That dress looks great on you! I have been looking at that dress for a bit and was wondering how it looked like in real life.

  2. Thanks doll! You should get it :) It's so comfy and a beautiful color, and it can be styled so many ways. Happy shopping, L xx