Friday, August 26, 2011

Chillin with my B Girl stance.

I think the hardest outfit to put together is the one for chilling. I mean if I put on a dress and heels on a Wednesday then I'm better dressed than at least 50% of America already :) But in jeans and a t-shirt I feel less than cute unless I'm adorned with cool jewellery or a funky hat. That's probably why I am never moved by Sophia Coppola or Nina Garcia like some fashion magazines are, I hate minimalism.
Even looking around my house the walls have paintings everywhere, I need 4 different purple eye shadows instead of 1, I have enough pillows to make a fort in every room. More is more to me I guess.
I tried to be a little simple yesterday. The music that I play usually effects my fashion choices day to day and I've been on a serious 90's Hip Hop/RnB kick recently, I think that's pretty obvious with this ensemble.

Simple, easy, comfortable!
T-shirt- Mamahood Maternity Size XL
Skirt- Macys 1X
Bandeau- Ross 3X
Shoes- Nike
Necklaces- Urban Outfitters and ASDA

I scored this bandeau bra in NEON PINK at Ross for $2, it's not great support, but I love the way it looks through my sheer tee. It's a little unexpected.

Nike Sweet Classic Leather in Black/Solar Red

Yellow eye shadow was a subtle carry on of the Neon trend I was trying out.
I used MAC's "Chrome Yellow" matte eyeshadow from their Pro line to line lower lash line.

Biggie, Tupac, Wu Tang, Aaliyah, Brandy and Tribe, thanks for the influence!
Now all I have to do is perfect that windmill and Lotus Airbaby combo!


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    You are definitely looking a treat in this outfit, I adore your super cool kicks! :)

    The Cat Hag
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