Friday, August 19, 2011

Queen of Hearts

Today I was feeling a little blue, so I decided to wear my favorite color head to toe and attempt my favorite hair style to cheer me up.
It totally worked :)

I have the hardest time with "retro hair" because my hair is so thin and I always feel like I'm making it worse when I tease it, but I got Big Sexy Hair's "What a tease" and I think it works wonders.

Just a little bump.

Dress- Forever 21+
Scarf- Vintage from Kudzu
Flip flops- Target
Necklace- Birthday gift from my hubby
"L" Studs- Urban Outfitters

My hubby loved it too!


  1. Very pretty, love the retro red look on you!

  2. Thanks Adrienne, I'm so glad I found a hairstyle that will work in this never ending heat!