Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lemme Upgrade Ya.

There were 2 casualties on my trip to Myrtle Beach, the first was my mp3 player that I immediately replaced because I can't live without music, and the second was my straw fedora. 

I wore it in the ocean, and the mixture of saltwater and sand killed my 100% paper hat. I loved that hat.
see, here, here and here for example!

I decided that because I wore this hat so much that I could spend a little more money than I would normally because I know that I wear a fedora all the time. I went to Bill Hallman in Little 5 and picked up a swankier version of my sweet hat. It has beautiful silk leopard trimming, is super sturdy and will work 365 days a year. I will keep this one out of the water for sure!

P.s. I totally used a Beyonce song as the title because I'm super happy for her and Jay-Z. Such a sweet moment on the VMA's when she revealed her teeny tiny bump.

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