Thursday, August 18, 2011

Once Upon a Time..

Tanesha Awasthi of "Girl With Curves" is one of the best bloggers out there in my opinion. Her beautiful photographs and non fussy outfits are always sophisticated and feminine. She mixes high street fashion with amazing thrift store finds and has a jewelry collection that I covet! 

She wrote about her "Thrifted Treasures" back in July when she found a vintage Prada bag, cool denim jacket and some other gems in her neighbourhood Goodwill store. She finished off her post by saying
"YOUR TURN TO SHARE!  What are some of your most prized thrifted treasures?"
I really enjoyed reading peoples comments. I added my story there, but I figured that I'd like to write about it on my blog too. 

I'd like to share with you the greatest story ever told. 
The day I found Vintage Chanel.

I left Georgia in the morning with a full tank of gas and drove out towards Tennessee to go thrifting, when I found a huge flea market near Chattsworth, GA. 
It looked like your run of the mill flea market with home made jams, bookshelves full of paperbacks and a selection of hand sewn quilts. I bought a cup of coffee and meandered my way through the maze of tables and booths skimming my fingers over CD's and children's toys once loved now marked "2 for a $1".
A tall guy caught my eye, his merchandise was spilling out of a pick up truck on to a picnik table. He ha hunting gear, fishing and camping supplies, and a few random pieces of ladies clothing  and accessories. 
I asked him why he had the ladies items and he told me that he was selling off his grandmas things as he had no use for them She had lived in New York City and upon her passing his family had gone up to clean out her apartment and brought back some of her things to Georgia.
His Grandmother had beautiful taste; there were silk blouses in beautiful colors, a camel colored coat, pretty and delicate lace gloves and what I thought was a gold and leather necklace.
The gold links with blue leather braided through them hung from the table like the bunting on some of the other booths. I followed the chain up to a purse and swallowed so hard I almost bruised my tonsils.
Quilted buttery soft leather touched my fingertips, two interlocking C's glinted in the sunlight. One for Coco and one for CHANEL!
I was holding a vintage Chanel 2.55 in beautiful condition. 

The photo I took right after I bought it, notice the classy "Thank You" take out plastic bag that it came in!
I caught the guys attention again and asked him how much he wanted for it. He said; and I kid you not;
"Oh, that purse , my grandmas name was Carolyn, I think that's why it's got the C's on it...what's your name?"
I told him Lynne.
He said
" Oh, well seen as though your name starts with a L, how does $5 grab ya?"
I remained calm, inhaled once and exhaled once, then I handed him a $10 bill and walked away.
He shouted at me to get my change but I just shook my head, unable to speak.
I almost ran to my car to inspect it thoroughly and inside was a receipt from a Manhattan repair shop for a broken link. 
I've had it looked over and checked all the markings. It's real. 
And all mine!!!!
I still can't believe my luck every time I look at it!

So in the words of  Tanesha, 
"YOUR TURN TO SHARE!  What are some of your most prized thrifted treasures?"


  1. Now that's what I call a deal! I can only imagine what finding that purse, and for five dollars, must've been like! I have yet to stumble onto a sweet item like that but I'm not giving up yet! Your bag is simply stunning! You're one lucky girl! Congrats! :)