Friday, August 24, 2012

Unmellow Yellow

I've been off work for a week now because it was getting to be too much for me and my bump.

My doctor also said that she'd be shocked if I made it to 39 weeks without going into labor. Alas, I'm still knocked up, still as big as a house, still hot and bothered and ready to meet my baby boy. 
I'm trying to relax and enjoy this time to myself before I have a teeny noise machine attached to me at all times, but I'm so impatient. And I want to spend as much time with my little guy before I go back to work. 
Here's what I wore to Ikea, Target, the Dollar Store, and to make chicken, macaroni and cheese and garlic mashed potatoes for dinner (Oh what an exciting life I lead!)

Top- Ella Moss at Anthropologie
Shorts- Destination Maternity
Flip Flops- Target
Necklace- Made by me 

I'm making the most of my hair as pregnancy has done wonders to it! Hopefully it is a distraction from my disappearing ankles which have not favored so well through this adventure.

I made this necklace last night using 3 different necklaces that didn't really excite me anymore. I painted a couple beads with yellow nail polish, one with grey and left the rest natural wood. I strung them onto a dark metal chain. I really like the color combination of yellow and grey and brown. Who would have thunk it?

Fingers crossed next time I post there will be a baby in my arms! 
-Lynne x


  1. Aww I didn't realise you were having a baby! You look fab, even if you feel hot and bothered :)