Thursday, August 2, 2012

35 wEEKs!

So, Atlanta is having a record breaking hot summer, wouldn't you know it?! 
My English blood is boiling underneath my skin thanks to my built in heating pad that kicks me intermittently throughout the day, and develops hiccups around 6pm each day. 
It's been a little rough getting ready recently, mainly because my feet and legs have swollen, so my shoes hurt and wearing a skirt leads to excessive chub rub, you feel me?

This is what I wore to get lunch with my buddy David yesterday as the temperature hit close to 100 degrees.   

Shirt- Macys 
Skirt- Forever 21+ bodycon skirt
Sparkly Flats- Bakers

Yup, there's definitely something other than lunch in there!

Earrings- Francescas
Nail Polish- Butter London in "Bossy Boots"- Spring 2012 Ltd Edition

I have to say, that I haven't bought much "maternity" clothing, other than some bras, a pair of shorts and a pair of jeans because I've just been wearing anything that is floaty or stretchy.  I also had a couple of maternity tops before I was pregnant because they had a little more room in the belly area, and lets face it, even though you only need maternity clothes for a few months even they are cuter than most plus size threads. Grumble grumble.
It's so strange as a fat girl to embrace a belly, we've grown up learning "tips and tricks" to disguise it, so it feels a little liberating to not suck in, or wonder if I look extra fat in something.  
I may have become one of those serene mothers to be...
...until I stand up and my feet look like this...

My feet are so very swollen  that even these flats hurt after an hour :(

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