Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shower Me

On Sunday 5th August I was showered with love and gifts at Hodgepodge by my friends excited to meet "Baby T".

Amanda made this cake! Unreal!

My friend Amanda arranged the whole thing and it was so very special.

Me and Amanda with pirate themed booty for baby T

 My dress- Ross
Cardigan- Jigsaw London

Mona, Tara, Lynne and Laura
We didn't play any games, which I was really happy about, instead everyone (except me) drank wine and we ate a whole bunch of delicious treats including Lemon Meringue and Key Lime pies!  


It was so nice to see everyone, especially because I've been working so hard that I've had no real time to enjoy being pregnant. 

Me and Sahara

Me and Anna

Me and Betsy

Me and Leah
It was nice for my baby bump to get a few rubs and talk about all of the dreams and wishes we have for a little boy who hasn't taken his first look at the world yet.

2 1/2 Americans and 2 1/2 Brits! I could not love this photo more.

I had a blast!

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