Sunday, August 19, 2012

Channeling Kendi

It seems almost comical that during my pregnancy my style icon has been the svelte Kendi Skeen of "KendiEveryday" and not someone, well, rounder.
I thought I'd be one of those ladies channeling Stevie Knicks; wearing caftans, chiffon and boho skirts; but this has not been the case for the past 9 months.
I think I've been so drawn to Kendi because I like the simplicity of her style. She chooses well fitting garments and adds thoughtful accessories to her ensembles to create outfits that are edited perfectly.

Examples you say? Here you go:

Simple blouse, simple hair, clean make up and unconventional trousers. Balanced with chunky jewellery so no piece is the "star". The color palette is blue, white and green accented with a delicate warm gold.
A  red lip would make it look like she tried too hard, a colored bag would throw off the balance, take away the necklace and it would look like expensive pajamas. The girl got it right.

Tough leather jacket with sweet pretty dress, unfussy accessories in the same hues and a perfect blow out. This outfit is perfection, it makes me itch for Autumn.
Her oversize necklace could take away from the leopard print skirt, but because it's such a delicate color and is echoed in the skirt they do not compete for attention. This picture taught me how to wear the huge intimidating necklaces that I have seen in magazines and been afraid that I couldn't wear them myself.

Here are a few pictures of me biting Kendis style from the past week

I found this JCrew inspired necklace at "Rag-O-Rama" It's chartreuse and slime green and I love it. I paired it with my "put a bird on it" top from Forever 21 for balance.

Jeans- Destination Maternity
Top- Forever 21+
Necklace- Rag-O-Rama
Shoes- Ebay (Of course if I was wearing a 100% Kendi outfit these would be pretty green heels)

Thanks for the inspiration Kendi!

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