Sunday, July 31, 2011

Black and white date night.

I usually don't spend too much time in "real clothes" on the weekends because I spend most of the day in work out clothes, then after I'm exhausted it's straight to the pj's!
So last night when my hubby suggested we go out for dinner I decided I would make a little more effort than just my "new zumba pants".
I will forever heart polka dots.

Dress- Forever 21+
Belt- Torrid
Shoes- Junkmans Daughter
Earrings- Chanel
Lipstick- Utter Fun by M.A.C

My Chanel earrings always make me feel special...or like I should be a rapper, either way I think it's a good thing.

What is your idea of a good date night outfit?


  1. You look absolutely stunning! The dress is so cute - I need to get myself a pretty dress like that... I absolutely adore your make-up too, Lynne!

    A good date night outfit for me will always be a pretty dress. It's the easiest to make me feel feminine and ready for a night out. I don't have enough dresses at the moment though & seem to end up wearing my LBD more than anything - but it suits my body type & I always feel good in it, so I don't really mind! :)


  2. Thanks so much Tori, you're so sweet!
    Dresses will always rule in my closet too. I was recently reading Lauren Conrads book "Style": and she had a bunch of different ways to alter the look of a LBD, I thought it was really cool how versatile they can be.
    You can see it here

    Hope that inspires you for your next date night!