Monday, July 11, 2011

I truly adore you.

Do y'all know about Georgina Doull of "Cupcakes Clothes"?
Well, if not, let me introduce her in all of her super-cute crafty greatness.

cute kitten

 This English 21 year old is the reason that I started blogging. Her AMAZING style inspires me to dress the way I want to, not the way society tells me to. I rarely see her in all black, or in a pair of jeans, and for this I will always love her. If I ever feel like I need instant inspiration she is my number one go to.

She looks like dessert

Her attention to detail is superb. Her nails are always a work of art (I especially like the Strawberries, below). I really want to raid her accessories drawers, which is easily done because she sells a lot of her designs in her shop Dollyminxx

that necklace is perfection

Her ultra feminine style has my heart. Georgina I truly adore you!


  1. I too love her!! Absolute addiction!

  2. Dear, you got inpiration and now you are inspiring us! Geaorgina is really amazing, I know her job and I wonder me with every sinlge outfit! Congrats for your blog!


  3. Thank you Cris, that's such a lovely thing to say xoxo